Paying compensation fees for exploration and mining in accordance with the Mining Act.

When paying compensation for exploration fees, gold panning permit fees, and mining fees to Metsähallitus, exploration or mining fees taking place in forestry areas and nature reserves are paid separately either to the account of Metsähallitus business activities (forestry areas) or that of Metsähallitus public administration duties (nature reserve or wilderness areas).

The Metsähallitus business activity account: FI83 5000 0120 1439 03
The Metsähallitus public administration duties account: FI07 5000 0120 2512 92

A description attached to the payment should include the permit ID code (e.g. KaivNro 1234, ML2019:0000), the municipality, and the name of the permit zone. In addition, the payment should reveal what is being paid for – i.e.:

  • Gold panning fee
  • Exploration fee
  • Mining fee (per hectare)
  • Excavation fee
  • By-product fee
  • Compensation for damage (timber etc.)

When making payments for more than one exploration area all information and the permit ID codes of all areas must be included in the description. When paying mining fees, the compensation per hectare and the excavation fee must be paid separately. The different types of payment must not be confused with each other. For example, fees for exploration and mining should be paid separately.